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The Village

An alluring festival experience for all ages

Created by the Liva Collective for 2018


The Village is a unique trans-media experience taking visitors into inspiring, colourful and deep journeys. Our multi-medium content explores other countries and delivers a visual experience way beyond thought, logic or mind.

We achieve this through a wide variety of artistic approaches, nourishing many skills and techniques such as tantra, story-telling and abstraction.


In 2018, the Liva Collective we will be creating The Village: a collaborative exhibition and installation around Europe, bringing multi-national members of the collective together.

Through inviting projects and solo-artists into one fusion, we will create an area in your event dedicated to experimental explorations in art, performance, and workshops from all over the world in unique installations. The project merges three very different parts, thus offering a great diversity of approaches.

The three elements:

The space transforms throughout the day; an inspiring and enlightening area during the light, to a psychedelic exploration at night.



(workshops/performances/chill area)

The playful side

A combination of open circus, dance & tantra workshops, a playful area incl. face painting, drawing and instruments for everyone + a unique circus show for the whole family.




The adventurous side

An original combination of exhibitions by award-winning journalists, physical art installations, participatory art by conceptual thinkers and screenings of film-festival shortlisted documentaries by Liva film makers.




The experimental side

A 2 screen AV installation looping 5 hours of experimental films from the collection DREAMS exploring human emotions, spiritual journeys and physical sensations such as the vibration of sound.

The Space


It is a crucial part of our collective to experiment with the site-specific aspect, since we believe that this form of improvisation and collaboration gives birth to a wonderful experience in the creation art, where we react to the space and the crowd. Whatever the space, we can transform it in a way that drives our performances and narratives.

We like to invite local and present artists to participate in our performances, to add their own touch or form of art. If this is a desired aspect we can arrive up to two weeks before the festival to create a kind of creative hub which will work on a site-specific experience unique to your festival.

As sleepy eyes rise from makeshift tents and bare feet leave the sanctuary of sleeping bags, we welcome those wandering souls into the cove of the village. As light of day works on our side, sounds and delicate visions will invite you in.

 Exhibitions and screenings

Experimental outdoor exhibitions including photojournalism, sculpture, conceptual art, sound installations and more. A micro (or macro, dependent on space) cinema installation projects independent documentaries made by members of the collective with blankets and cushions for tired legs.

All mediums cover contemporary issues and delicate cultures from Bangladesh, Vanuatu, Fiji, Italy, Peru, Iran, Latvia, Palestine and more, all created by Liva artists. Musicians share their melodies and little explorers have a place here too; pens, crayons and paper lay waiting for tiny hands to doodle their thoughts and dreams. Paintings and woven sculptures stand proud at the gates, the guardians of the village.

In the exhibitions we will include works of awarded creators such as winners of the Nikon International Photo Competition and award-winning explorative documentaries previously screened at the Raindance Film Festival.

A teaser selection of our photographers and filmmakers






Two Circle Design

Hand made woven sculptures created with natural materials

Open circus & tantra workshops

Open circus workshops
Long free Tantra workshops
Participatory dance workshops
A big drawing & painting space
Open Jams & World music Concerts

It´s a space where everyone is welcome. A creative shelter to be, to feel free and to play. Little explorers (and adults too) have a place here too; pens, crayons and paper lay waiting for tiny hands to doodle their thoughts and dreams.

Once a day there is a little circus show plus some free training throughout the day plus professional workshops in Butoh, the Japanese “dance of Darkness”. Long Tantra-workshops are held by Lena and Leo giving a direct experience of the body and the self through meditation, sensation, breathing and playful discovery of the surroundings.

Participatory butoh dance workshops

at night

As the sun slowly sets, the energy of the space changes.

The Projections

A path to the village is now lit by LEDs. The music changes. Two projectors turn on. They are directed at the ground, at people and a cinema screen hangs in the space around. Six hours of experimental films from a diverse collection called DREAMS are looped, exploring ancient and digital trance, religion and emotions. At times the sound turns off and electronic musicians play improvised live sets over the looping films, creating completely new and unique experiences.

The films and the music take us on a journey to the edges of our perception, of our senses and make us connect with worlds we don´t see but sense deep within us.
People get absorbed by this flow; they stay and watch. They let the energy take them over and at some point may continue their journey.

Through the mysterious form of moving image, we offer:
– Multi-screen A/V installations incorporating nature and visitors
– Live ritualistic cinema performances (VJ’ing) with music/sound design by both modern and traditional musicians
– Collaborative performances with live projections, such as acrobatics, circus and dance

The Performances

At one point in the night, performers appear out of nowhere and interact with the films.
The films are now projected on their bodies. They play together, they interact.
They perform improvised site-specific performances that a unique combination of circus artists, musicians, dancers and visual artists have created before the festival.

The combinations of artists include:
– Live electronic performances by various invited musicians
– Contemporary dance i.e. Buto, a unique post-war japanese dance
– Aerial acrobatics (Silk / Aerial hoop / Trapeze)
– Fire dance (torches, fire fans, hula hoop, contact staff, fire breathing etc.)
– Hula hoop routines (simple or with LED or fire)
– Pantomime / Theatre

Out of these various possibilities for the night performance, there are single numbers already fixed for one big choreography (according to the performers which will be collaborating). After the performances slowly fade out, the space is recaptured by the projected lights, films and music. We will be free to rest in our own thoughts, in our imagination or to let us flow and to continue our journeys. 

As the sun rises the mysterious and dark energy slowly fades out; the experimental music is turned off. Light and warmth take over; the space transforms once more into a welcoming, gentle atmosphere and abandons the intensive energy of night.

Until the next fall of light.

The Team
For more information or enquiries, please email
Lena & Leo

Photographer – Videographer – Woodworker


Photographer – Filmmaker

Two Circle Design

Sculpture and natural material artists

Jeremy Black