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We are a collective of artists and storytellers realising and publishing independent projects aimed at exploring privilege and discrimination. Liva promotes peace, empathy, awareness and global solidarity.

/ˈliva/ – noun

‘Lightning‘ in Fijian.

About Our Team

We are not an exclusive group, but our core team offers a structure for an open, collective self-organised network to grow around the world. We collaborate with people and organisations that are working for the collective benefit, may that be social, environmental, cultural or political.

core team

We organise, plan, communicate and publish all the material and art produced by the network of Liva.
Nora Schramm

Nora Schramm

Producer | Writer

Ramin Aryaie

Ramin Aryaie

Design | Director | Photographer


wshear wali

Journalist | Kurdistan/Scotland

robin myers

Poet | US/Mexico

Franziska Gaßmann

Dancer | Austria

Bert Cools

Musician | Belgium

georjie adams

Journalist | United Kingdom

Valle Doering

Musician | Germany

Annamaria Bruni

Photojournalist | Italy

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