The Liva Collective aspires to be a platform, community and outlet for artists of any medium to express a story.

We intend to build an accessible space for anyone around the world to submit and publish work for free, becoming part of a worldwide collective of artists who collaborate both online and in physical events and installations.

[‘lee’ • ‘vah’] noun

‘Lightning’ in Fijian.

Georjie travelled to Fiji as a photojournalist to cover the aftermath of Cyclone Winston in 2016. On assessing a heavily damaged village, she saw the word Liva  (‘lee’ • ‘vah’) hand drawn over one of the few standing concrete walls.  Later, she found out the word ‘Liva’ means lightning – a perfect metaphor to describe the passion, frustration and desire for a change in the world of storytelling.

What is our vision?

It is said that the act of storytelling is one of the most ancient art forms within human society, one whose accessibility is not limited by privilege.. but whose opportunities are. That’s where we’d like to put our foot in the door. We aspire for independent storytelling to have an uplifting space regardless of your name, financial background or origin of birth. Many of us will have felt the untouchable presence of faceless art platforms and journalism organisations, along with the frustration of just wanting to get your creations out there!

Nostalgic poems, insightful photo stories, passionate canvas’s of manic brush strokes, circus performances telling the tales of fear and rage (you guys know who you are) – these expressions which tell a story, but have no way to reach a larger audience? Join us in building a space for anyone who has something to say. To be a new platform in a time where elite and commercial hands place boundaries on art. To swivel our hot-damn middle finger at that.

As we build up the foundations of the platform, we also want to be a push in the movement for positive action in art. Art and documentary has a very powerful place in society, so we’d like to make that a big part of the collective. Our plans are to link small, community based charities who are doing great things, and present their story through our mediums. This gives people an opportunity to see a raw and genuine portrayal of charity and cause, without the shadow of heavy marketing.

The people behind Liva

Wshear Wali

photojournalism, film


Wshear is a kurdish photojournalist and film maker.

Bartolomeo Pampaloni



After graduating in aesthetic philosophy at the University of Florence he studied Arts and Entertainment at the Paris VIII University. Meanwhile he directed his first short movies and began to work in cinema and television sets. In 2008 he was admitted to the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, the Italian National Cinema School, where he studied as a director. There he wrote and directed several short films and a documentary about everyday life in Rome’s suburbs. He is now living in Paris where he edited and post produced his first feature documentary, Roma Termini, winner, among other prizes, of the special Mention of the jury at the Rome Film Festival 2014 and selected at Raindance Film Festival 2015.




Georjie is a longterm traveller based in London, aided by a 48l backpack with four prime lenses. Her aim is to silently photograph the less travelled road and work alongside community based charities. So far she has had photography projects in New Zealand, Fiji, Ireland, Haiti, France, Peru, and currently Latvia.

Ramin Aryaie

photography/film/web design


Ramin is a nomadic photographer, experimental filmmaker, designer and multimedia storyteller.




Having travelled across South-East Asia, Cissey has developed a love for documentary photography; writing and photographing the people she meets. She enjoys writing articles for local newspapers about issues she feels are important, such as homelessness. She is doing a degree in History and English, and is most interested in social history and women’s history.


'Realising all of your dreams'

an interview with Ramin & Georjie in Riga

by Ieva Raudsepa for