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Open Ocean

How our sail ripped in a thunderstorm.

A hybridal story by ramin aryaie from a sail boat in the South Pacific Ocean.

Open Ocean / South Pacific Ocean


A two-part journey exploring the unique cargo cults of Tanna Island.

Yasur / Tanna Island, Vanuatu

Bula Carnival

Every year there is a big celebration in Suva. The Bula Carnival.

Bula Carnival / Suva, Fiji Islands

Long Way but Short Days

A journey into the unknown. A film by Wshear.

Long Way but Short Days / Calais, France

Being / Adam

A visual journey through Tehran.

Being / Tehran, Iran

(In German) The story of a funeral in Tehran, Iran.

Adam / Tehran, Iran

Republic of Ireland: Rule of Thumb ~ 1