Ramin Aryaie

My name is Ramin and I am a nomadic photographer, experimental filmmaker, designer and multimedia storyteller.

I hitch and hike around the globe, sleep in my hammock and always follow the flow of life to forgotten places, meeting the most wonderful people. I try to encounter each and every being as as sister or brother being aware of how much they can teach me. After having done this for a few years, and after finally breaking out of a limiting life inside an ideologic society the urge occurred to tell the many stories and all the beauty I encounter along the way. Having photographed half my life I started to record my surroundings, my feelings and the invisible in transmedia hybrids that withdraw any form or preconceived idea.

Through this I now start to find a connection to the invisible, that something that we cannot name, cannot explain but only feel, that something that makes us feel like we are all one, seeds of this wonderful planet that hosts us. This is my research now, working alongside many absolutely incredible people in a new wave of digital and analog creation through connection. Our vision is to create a world-wide network of creative people, of digital or analog storytellers, artists, designers, engineers, journalists, film makers and activists which can share their work freely accessible and independently released, creating an alternative to the old and corrupt giant media corporations.

This interweaving and mixing without fear or preconceived ideas can create very magic moments while being very liberating for the soul. For the past three years I have been working on a transmedia storytelling project called voiiage.org. Everything I do, from photography to designing my first book has been learned in self-study on the road. All content is further released under a Creative Commons license.